3 Local Coffee Shops in Englewood, FL

Englewood, FL is a quiet, friendly town right beside the beautiful Floridian ocean with miles of stunning beaches. As you drive or stroll around the area, there are some really charming coffee shops to discover serving excellent iced and hot brews. Let’s take a look at the best of them.

Joe Maxx Coffee Company

The customer service in this top-notch coffee house is well-known locally and brings many regulars back time and again. The coffees are freshly brewed with care and served with an eye for the aesthetic, with pretty and original artwork floating in the froth. If you visit, some of the excellent specialty drinks to try are the banana and vanilla Bumblebee Latte, the salted caramel and coconut Kiki Aloha, and the rich chocolaty Joe Mocha Maxx.
The decor inside is clean, quirky, and colorful. They also encourage reusing your cups by offering a large coffee for the price of a small one if you bring your own cup. You’ll find this eco-friendly coffee joint at 450 West Dearborn Street.

Culture Coffee

For a taste of culture, art, and live music, along with excellent coffee, visit this cute little coffee and tea shop. The owner and servers clearly take pride in the quality of entertainment and beverages. Some of their popular coffees include the Shamrock, a cold brew with mint and Irish cream, the Cafe Brulee, a caramel latte with singed sugar top, and the simply sumptuous Cocoa Grande, a dark chocolate and coconut latte.
The events they hold several times a week include musical performers, hand-crafting sessions and lessons, book signings, open mics, and more. The address is 405 West Dearborn Street. There are plenty of parking spaces outside, so if you visit on a performance day, you can cruise by in your new 2023 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Premium, roll down your automatic windows, and follow the sounds of music to find the cafe.

Mango Bistro

If you’re hankering for a healthy bite to eat with your morning brew, visit this bright and cheerful coffee shop and eatery at 301 West Dearborn Street. There’s plenty of seating inside the spacious, colorful interior and outside as well. The attentive servers will bring your order promptly, matching the establishment’s energetic, welcoming vibe.
Best of all, everything they serve is super-healthy, with organic ingredients and plenty of vegan options. Many of their snacks are unique, such as the panini with brie, bacon, and sliced green apples, and also blueberry honey crepe with rich, thick homemade honey. It’s a super-popular place for good reason!

Have a relaxing morning coffee at one of these lovely places, and afterward, visit Englewood Ford. We’re a trusted local dealership with a fantastic range of vehicles and a decade of experience providing the region’s drivers with great customer service.



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