4 Great Biking Trails You Can Drive to Near Englewood, FL

If your passion in life is biking, you’ll be delighted to know that there are several biking trails in Englewood, FL. Whether you are training for a marathon or you are biking for casual pleasure, these trails offer countless miles of biking opportunities. Check out the top four trails in your 2022 Ford Edge SEL today.

1. Cedar Point Environmental Park

You won’t find any paved trails at Cedar Point Environmental Park. As one of the last undeveloped conservatories in Florida, Cedar Point Environmental Park covers 115 acres of scrubby flatwoods, mangrove swamps, pine flatwoods, and more. The trails at Cedar Point Environmental Park are perfect for mountain biking.
In addition to trails for biking, you can also immerse yourself in impressive waterways, prehistoric dunes, and other unique habitats. Several animal species still inhabit this environmental park, including woodpeckers, bald eagles, and bobcats. Cedar Point Environment Park is probably the most scenic biking destination in Florida.

2. Manasota Scrub Preserve

Manasota Scrub Preserve is a small, but carefully maintained park that is friendly to dogs, birdwatching, and bicycling. The trails are both paved and unpaved, so you can explore the expanse of the preserve. The Manasota Scrub Preserve includes both natural areas and nature centers.

3. Oyster Creek Environmental Park

Oyster Creek Environmental Park is another preserve-style park settled over the mangrove area in Southern Florida. The unique trails of Oyster Creek Environmental Park are paved and bridged, giving riders a unique experience of biking directly over the mangrove swamps. There are countless opportunities to observe wildlife, including migrating birds, fish, and more.
Oyster Creek Environmental Park is also dog friendly and has dedicated nature trails. After biking, you may even take a dip in the mangrove swamp by kayaking and canoeing. Then, you can make a pit stop at one of the many picnicking tables to recover from your adventure.

4. Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park

As one of the largest regional parks in the area, Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park has 50 acres of land used for various activities. Built in 2007, many of the trails are still new and carefully curated to give bikers, walkers, and joggers a comfortable outdoor experience. The trails at Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park connect through Cedar Point Environmental Park, which gives riders access to waterway trails as well.
Ann & Chuck Dever Regional Park has recreation centers and a pool for water-related recreation activities. There’s also a fitness center and a gym for more diverse exercise.

Although stationary bikes can get the job done, there’s something special about outdoor biking. Whether you want access to an undeveloped trail for mountain biking or a paved trail for a streamlined experience, the parks in Englewood have many experiences to offer. From mangrove swamps to shrub flatlands, you will find a trail that works for you. Visit Englewood Ford to learn about ordering a bike rack or other accessories for your vehicle today.



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