Four Benefits of Getting Car Financing at Your Englewood Ford Dealership

Ford dealerships offer a wide selection of excellent vehicles, as well as impressive benefits, such as special offers, additional features, and flexible car financing options. There are a variety of advantages to consider when financing with your local dealer.

Access to Promotions

Dealership promotions can lower your interest and provide other advantages when dealing directly with the manufacturer. Cashback offers and competitive low-interest rates may be included, including exclusive dealer offers. You’ll have greater flexibility when negotiating interest rates, payment plans, and loan terms, too, especially in comparison with what banks and credit unions are usually willing to do.


A dealership’s financing plan gives you more options, including its own financing plans. By working directly with the dealership, more people find they are eligible for in-house financing. This allows them more flexibility, including longer loan terms, lower payments, and negotiated interest rates. Your credit score will also improve over time when you make regular car payments.
Directly working with a car dealership for financing offers the advantage of having direct communication with your Ford finance team if you need to adjust loan terms or payment schedule. If you have any problems, you know right who to call, and your dealership is interested in helping you get and keep a car in a way that no traditional lender ever will be.

More Purchase Options

There are more features available when you purchase a vehicle by financing, including exterior color, interior upholstery, and technology upgrades you might not be able to afford if you were buying outright. A local dealership can help you narrow down the exact model and details you want to include in your order by finding the vehicle, the specification options, and the financing plan that best suits your budget.
You may be able to get additional features or other benefits at a discount if there is a sales promotion. There may be upcoming discounts on new car models and related features, such as maintenance and warranty coverage, at your local dealership.

Convenient Service

By financing directly through your dealership, you get access to a greater variety of maintenance services at a discount, including tire rotations and changes, brake repairs, oil changes, alignments, battery and engine repairs, as well as other related services. Your Ford model’s warranty coverage will be explained in-depth by certified technicians, and you can take advantage of discounts and specials on repairs and replacement parts.

Dealerships handle all steps involved in purchasing a car and financing it, putting you in a position to complete the transaction in a short time, often within just one day. You will have access to all the paperwork and documentation required, which will reduce the time required for approval.

Whether you’re looking for a new vehicle with additional features or a promotional sale, you’ll find plenty of great financing options at your local dealership. For more information about our amazing inventory of vehicles, please contact Englewood Ford today. Our financing deals, maintenance services, and specials are suitable for all budgets and lifestyles.

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