Top 3 Reasons to Get Parts and Service at an Authorized Ford Dealership

It can be tempting to get parts for your Ford from a box store and service from an independent mechanic, especially if you think you can save money. However, you might discover that if those parts fail or your service does not meet Ford standards, it would have been cheaper to get parts and service at an authorized Ford dealership instead. Here are some reasons why you should forego the independent garages and chains when your Ford needs parts or service.


The biggest reason why it’s a good idea to get Ford parts and service from an authorized dealership is the expertise you get along with those parts and service. Factory-trained technicians have been trained specifically on Ford vehicles of all years and can perform service on them quickly and correctly without needing to consult manuals or other materials. No one will be guessing when it comes to servicing your Ford, and it will be serviced quickly as well.
As far as parts go, you can expect your dealership to know exactly what parts you need for your specific Ford model and year. Since they only deal with Ford parts, they don’t have to search through a massive database to find the right one for your vehicle. This will take a shorter amount of time than it would if you went to a chain store, where you might even have to find the part yourself!


Purchasing parts for your Ford from an authorized dealership usually means you are getting a warranty on those parts that is backed by Ford. You can rest assured that this warranty will be fulfilled if it is needed for any covered reason. While you won’t usually have a problem with a Ford factory part, in the rare case that you do, Ford will come through with a new part that can be installed right at the dealership.
With parts from a chain store, you may get a warranty, but it could be difficult to claim or not be backed by a reputable company. With a Ford parts warranty, the claim is as simple as returning to the dealership and explaining the situation. The service you get from an authorized dealership is also guaranteed as well, so if something goes wrong, you know that our factory-trained technicians will do whatever is necessary to make it right.


You don’t want to put generic parts in a finely-engineered machine like your Ford. Even if it’s an older model, your vehicle’s been optimized to use parts that are manufactured to Ford’s exact specifications. When you buy parts from a chain store, you aren’t getting parts that were designed specifically for your vehicle. If you want your Ford to run like it did when it was new, you need the same parts that were in it when you bought it.

Whether you have a new Ford or one that’s seen some years, it’s better to get your parts and service from your local dealership to ensure your vehicle continues to run at a high level. While you might save some money with parts from a big box store, keep in mind the old saying about getting what you pay for. Call Englewood Ford today to see how we can get the parts you need and the service your Ford deserves



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