Does Your Ford Need New Headlights?

When headlights suddenly fail at night, it’s no laughing matter. Without clear nighttime visibility, it’s unsafe to drive. Even slightly fading headlights reduce a driver’s ability to notice and react to collision threats, which poses a clear safety risk. If you ever notice the following signs of failing bulbs or wiring, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Ford dealership for new headlights.

One of Your Headlights Fails

When just one headlight fails, either the bulb or the wiring in that particular socket is probably to blame. You can try installing a new bulb to see if it works.
It’s generally recommended to replace both headlight bulbs in a pair at the same time. This is because when one bulb falters, the other isn’t likely to last much longer and might already be fading.

Your Headlights Lose Brightness

Most headlights will begin to fade in power as they age. Halogen bulbs tend to fade more than HID or LED bulbs. It may be tempting to put off replacing any dimming headlight bulbs, but this poses a safety hazard. To keep your after-dark visibility at a maximum, always replace headlight bulbs as soon as they start to decline in power.

Your Headlights Start Flickering

Flickering headlights might result from a burned-out electrode. Alternatively, flickering may be caused by underlying wiring or battery issues. It’s best to respond to flickering promptly as a flickering bulb is quite likely to fail soon.

Your Headlights Become Hazy

If the light ahead of your car seems hazier than before, your headlight lenses may simply need to be cleaned. However, sometimes headlight lenses become hazy from over-exposure to the UV rays in sunlight, which causes oxidization in the acrylic. Headlight lenses damaged in this way will usually need to be replaced.

Your Headlight Fuse Keeps Blowing

Various electrical issues can cause a headlight fuse to blow. If your fuse keeps blowing, you might have a problem with the wiring or an incorrectly installed bulb. You can have a technician examine the system to find and fix the fault.

Have Regular Electrical System Servicing at Your Ford Dealership

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding serious problems with your headlights or any other part of your car. It’s advisable to have your vehicle’s entire electronic system serviced periodically, especially given how much modern cars depend on electronics. While checking your vehicle’s system, the technician can identify any headlight issues and resolve them long before they become a potential problem on the road.

Have your headlights repaired or replaced today at Englewood Ford. For over a decade, we’ve been providing the region’s drivers with an extensive range of new and pre-owned vehicles and an exceptional customer experience.



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