Why Choose OEM Parts?

When your Ford needs maintenance or service, you have a decision to make. Should you bring it to your local Ford dealership where you can be confident your repair will be done using genuine OEM parts? Or should you try to save a few dollars with an after-market brand? Does OEM really make a difference? Yes! Read on to find out why spending a little extra on the right parts for your Ford can save you dollars down the road.

What Does OEM Mean?

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” parts. Using genuine Ford parts means that each part aligns exactly with the manufacturer’s specifications. Why does that matter? The most obvious answer is that after-market parts may not be compatible with your Ford, causing the repair to fail. Worse, an improperly fitted part can be subject to increased friction, increasing wear and tear on the part and your Ford. That “bargain” you got on an after-market part could cost you thousands in repairs.


Most OEM manufacturers provide a warranty for their parts for one year, so you are protected against defects. In addition to genuine Ford parts, your dealership uses factory-trained technicians who are experts in caring for your Ford. Whether you just need an oil change or it’s time for a larger repair, you can be confident that your Ford is getting the high-quality parts and service needed to keep you on the road.

How OEM and Your Ford Dealership Help Protect Your Wallet


Using genuine parts from the manufacturer helps protect the value of your Ford. Using after-market parts can lower the blue book value of your Ford, and may even void the warranty in some cases. If you are leasing a vehicle you may be required to use the original manufacturer’s parts or risk losing your security deposit. Always using your dealership for repairs and maintenance means you are protecting your vehicle’s value.


With hundreds of different companies producing after-market parts, finding the right part can be confusing. It is easy to end up with an after-market part that doesn’t work in your Ford, which is time and money down the drain. Determining the correct OEM part for your Ford is simple, and the expert technicians at Ford will get you back on the road, with a part you can rely on to keep your vehicle moving.

You rely on your Ford to get you where you need to go. Protect the value of your Ford, and protect your wallet, by always using parts you can depend on. Call today to schedule your next maintenance or repair with the experts at Englewood Ford in Englewood, FL.



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